Daycamp 4 Developers


Day Camp 4 Developers:
Building APIs Developers Will Love
and Use

November 7, 2014

11:00 AM - 5:00 PM CDT

APIs are now a core part of any IT infrastructure. It isn’t enough though to just have an API, these days you have to build an API that developers will want to use.

For this Day Camp 4 Developers, we have gathered five experts together to help you get this critical piece of infrastructure built correctly. Spend the day with us and we will teach you to build APIs that developers will love and use.

  • You will understand how to build your API
  • You will understand how to design your API to scale
  • You will learn Best Practices for API development
  • You will learn how to build an API developers will love

Join us November 7th for Day Camp 4 Developers and learn what every developer needs to know about APIs. Join us for DC4D: Building APIs Developers Will Love and Use.

Day Camp 4 Developers; invest a day in your career.

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Speakers / Topics

The Future of APIs

Ross Mason

Ross Mason

MuleSoft founder Ross Mason talks about the evolution of connectivity and the internet of things while taking a look at the history and future of APIs.

Why Developers Hate Your API

John Musser

John Musser

APIs are everywhere now and can be a great building block of modern applications. But all too often APIs are not great. Rather than love your API, developers curse it. How can you avoid that fate? In this session we'll look at the most common mistakes API providers make and how you can avoid making them too.

Designing your RESTful API with RAML

Mike Stowe

Mike Stowe

Imagine being able to visually design your API and prototype it before you writing a single line of code! Imagine being able to use that same design to document and share your API with others! MuleSoft’s Mike Stowe shares how RAML is changing the way we design and document RESTful APIs.

Scaling API Design

Jason Harmon

Jason Harmon

Jason Harmon, the head of API Design at PayPal shares the key elements of API design that works long-term, even in extremely large distributed environments.

SPOIL Your Users with Great Helper Libraries

Keith Casey

Keith Casey

Great helper libraries are few and far between. Many are buggy, incomplete messes that hinder the use of your API more than they help. In this session, Keith Casey, co-author of shares what it means to “SPOIL” users with great helper libraries.


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