Daycamp 4 Developers


Day Camp 4 Developers:
Git Smart

December 19, 2014

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM CST

You understand that Source Code Control is important. You use Git because you know it is the defacto standard. Like any power tool though, there are a lot of things that Git will do that you may not know about. This Day Camp 4 Developers will help you get more out of Git.

Git Smart is not a beginner Git class. If you don’t use Git on a regular basis, this is not for you. Git Smart is for those who use Git and want to use it better, want to make it to more, want to get more out of Git.

Join us as we learn from leading Git experts who will help you and your team learn to make Git do more. Join us as we all Git Smart.

Day Camp 4 Developers; invest a day in your career.

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Speakers / Topics

Git Branching For Success and Profit

Lorna Jane Mitchell

Lorna Jane Mitchell

Git is not so new, and with adoption growing all the time, most developers have a good handle on how to get through their day-to-day work. Are they making the best use of the tools, though? This session is an in-depth examination of branching, merging and rebasing; we'll cover not only what the technical aspects are and which commands to type, but perhaps more importantly when and why to choose one approach over another. Expect lots of code examples, big concepts, and little git tips as we go along!

Get Hooked on Git Hooks

Omni Adams

Omni Adams

Git hooks allow you to do nearly anything you want them to on certain git actions such as merging, committing, or updating. You could even build a simple continuous integration system using git hooks, shell scripts, and chicken wire. This talk will cover the basics of local and remote git hooks and build some useful hooks to help your team build better software and improve your development workflow.

Example hooks will include running PHPCS before you commit locally, running lint and PHPCS remotely when pushing to the remote git repository, and automagically creating review requests in Review Board for new commits.

Matthew Weier-O'Phinney

Matthew Weier O'Phinney

Matthew McCullough

Matthew McCullough


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